Art along the Itinerary of the Battle

Associazione Linea Gustav is pleased to inform you that the inauguration of the temporary exhibition of contemporary art “Art along the Itinerary of the Battle” will be held on July, 2 at 17:30 at the Polish Military Cemetry at Montecassino (FR). The art installations by Alessandro Piangiamore and Simone Cametti will be placed along one of the itineraries related to a project in course by Associazione Linea Gustav in accordance with the Italian institutions. After over seventy years since the world war two conflict which interested Cassino and Montecassino this endeavour will bring our territory to the forefront. The event will host the President of Latium Region Nicola Zingaretti, the Major of Cassino Giuseppe Golini Petrarcone, the Abbot of Montecassino Dom Donato Ogliari and the Polish Ambassador Tomasz Orlowski.